About Alkaline Herb Emporium

Our Mission Statement

Alkaline Herb Emporium is a health food store and deli that is purposely put in the impoverished urban community in North St. Louis. This Emporium serves as a natural and organic herbal detoxification and cleansing house. Our mission is “Healing and Deliverance”. Our staff has made it our mission to assist in the area of Health and wellness by educating and assisting the community into a healthier lifestyle. Our natural health food store will have the following: Alkaline water, herbal tea remedies, ready-made health food, fresh juices and smoothies, 1 on 1 health consultations, and educational but empowering community events.

The Alkaline Herb Emporium and Marketplace is a health store and deli located in the St. Louis area that specializes in selling ionized alkaline water, an a supply of herbal teas (blends), and all natural beauty products used for detoxing, healing, and maintaining a healthy body. This deli features a fairly priced “grab and go” meals influenced by all cultures and traditions from around the globe. Our food is meticulously prepared with your health and taste buds in mind. We offer fresh juices, awesome smoothies, and a variety of carefully prepared meals.

Our team also hosts regular meetings and seminars focused on health, wealth and prosperity.